Friday, December 26, 2008

Brady's 2nd Christmas

I think Brady had a good Christmas. He really got into opening gifts to our surprise! It was way cute! We had x-mas with my side, the whole gang, on x-mas eve. Our tradition is to have crab legs and prime rib. YUMMMM! On christmas day we took it easy. Highlight was the pizza party at my sisters. We made our own pizzas, then had sundaes, and played Wii.

We arrived at my parents on monday, were intending to leave today, but we are now staying for another night or 2. My dad acquired a 1950 dozer, and they are tinkering on it. No biggy..... but this house is SO NOT baby proof, and it is impossible to really baby proof it (dont tell the building inspector about the gaping opening under the railings that I can fall thru!) so we cant take our eyes off him for long at all. I am constantly chasing saying "off the steps!". My parents have this weird heating system, geothermo heat with high velocity airflow, so they have these vents in the floor, it is basically a hole the size of a golf ball, to a 1 yr old, it is a fabulous place to put things into! Yeah... it's a lt of work hanging out here! not like our basement at home were it is so baby proof we rarely have to get up! I am hoping daddy will let me spend plenty of time sewing when we get home, undisturbed by baby of course.

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