Thursday, December 4, 2008

dancing in the kitchen at 5am

Brady and I had some fun this morning dancing in the kitchen to some Bon Jovi. He is the cutest little dancer, it is so precious!

We were dancing because he slept from 8-4:45!!!! without waking! This is huge! SO HUGE! He has never slept over 6 hour stretches, and the norm has been waking every 4-5 hours. I hope it is not a coincidence. Hopefully it is the effects of our "teaching brady to sleep".

We seem to be naturally weaning- I realized that yesterday. It is bittersweet. Awesome that he is ready and doing it on his own, isnt that a nursing mom's dream? Sad because my little baby is growing up, but happy because he is becoming an independant little man.


Sarah R said...

Can you have Brady send some weaning vibes Andrew's way? *wink*

Awesome that he slept for so long!!! I think Andrew did that once. LOL.

Anonymous said...

The boots you commented about on my blog are Tundra Artic Drift 2. I got them on I think I like them, though getting anything on his pudgy little feet is always a challenge!

P.S. Guess I can't complain when Hudson gets up at 6 AM when he goes to bed at 7:30 PM. Somedays he sleeps until 6:30 which is awesome.

Sarah (Cheri's niece)