Monday, January 26, 2009

Bedding delemia

Chris and I finally picked out a new bed! We have been ho-humming about this for over a year now, and finally we are fed up! So we picked one and ordered it. Should be here in 2 weeks.

We went up to a King for a Queen. So that means we need new sheets and bedding. We have a queen down comforter right now that we LOVE. It is perfect. But it will look stupid on a king.

Here is our delema. We dont want one of those pretty comforter that is for looks only and you have to take it off at night, and heavy forbid you get milk on it! It MUST be machine washable, and hold up to occassional washings. It must be one that looks good, and gets used every night. It needs to be comfortable of course. I think we will go away from the down comforters because they are never big enough and the never look good on a bed (unless someone can prove me wrong).

Any suggestions as to what is working welll for you? Function is the key for my family! We are those ppl that only make thier beds for company. ;-)

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