Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lean and Green

Lean and Green is our 2009 theme at work. Lean means save $$$ to hopefully survive this hard economic time. (I manage a garden center, but primarily my workplace is a landscape design/build business). Green... besides the fact that we sell green goods I am not sure what the green part entails. Green to me means basically "save the planet!". Believe it or not, this company is not very green. We are making changes though.

Will Lean work for me in my life being a mom? I have been here 5 years, and aside from last year- work was most important in my life. It isnt anymore. Last year was incredibly difficult. I had no balance and was very unhappy with work/home because there was NO BALANCE at all. I am interested to see how 2009 plays out. I pondered going PT, but dont think that is an option anymore...... We will see. I am aiming to work smarter, not harder. Hopefully that will make me more effcient.

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