Friday, January 23, 2009

More Diapers!

These are my latest colors that I am making. As you can see I modified my snaps- so now my diapers should fit a baby about 10lb- 40lbs. Maybe an 8 lb baby, I'll let you know once I test them on a little baby.
I cant believe how much fun I am having making them! I still need a few more for Brady's stash, we are still doing laundry every night. Want me to make some for you? Contact me! and we can go over the details. I also have some royal blue fabric, and sage green (this would be the outside colors). I can also make wetbags in any size for either your diaper bag or lining your garbage can.
The way these diapers work- the outside fabric is waterproof. The inside is a suade, so baby doesnt feel the wetness on his skin. The print fabric is the inserts- you stuff the inserts between the waterproof layer and the suade, and that is what absorbs the pee. (that is made of flannel, and terry cloth). The snaps are to adjust the size, so one diaper fits your baby from 10lbs- 40lbs. You can save mega $$$$$ by using cloth diapers over disposables! I prefer solid colored for the water proof material, prints are not very waterproof at all.
Honestly, cloth diapering is not that bad! They are easy to wash and care for. I love cloth diapering and regret not starting them eariler.
Here is a previous post with Brady modeling one that I made for him.


Cate said...

Those are freakin awesome! You are one talented mama.

Sarah R said...

Just have to comment that I have now seen these diapers in person and they are so cool! They look even better than BumGenius diapers. How cool is that?!

So, if you're thinking of ordering some diapers from this talented woman, don't hesitate! ;)