Friday, January 16, 2009

they did great!

I went to a tradeshow in Chicago yesterday, left early and came home late. So Dad had new tasks for the day- get B out the door, and to bed at night! On top of that, B has pinkeye! So they went to the Dr too. The boys did GREAT! Everything was a success. Chris was worried, very worried and stressing about it. I am proud of him! (I think he just needs to be forced into this situation, and he will become more comfortable. I suggest often that he puts be to bed, and he never does).

My tradeshow was ok. I had a great day, my boss and co-worker and I chatted the entire trip. The tradeshow itself wasnt nearly the size it normally is. I learned some things and got some ideas- so it was worth it, but not what I expected. We had dinner at Texas Roadhouse- I had never been there- delicious! Best part (besides the company of course) was my 22oz Spotted Cow in a frosty mug! OMgosh- to die for! If I had a tapper at my house, it would have spotted cow! LOL.

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