Monday, January 5, 2009

I need a vacation

I just had 2 weeks off, it went by fast and it was a busy one. I really feel like I need a vactaion.

On my list of things to do, and what I achieved were:
make at least 12 diapers (made 3)
make 2 wet bags for diapers (made 1)
go thru our shelves in the basement and reorganize it (accomplished!)
Organize my scrapbooking stuff (nope)
Read the last 3 or 4 harry potter books (didnt even finish one!)
Relax and watch movies, barely moving for an entire day
Play and play with Brady (achieved this!)
Visit with family and friends (some of this)
Reconnect with my husband (achieved!)
Buy a new mattress (tried out serta's)
Buy a new camera (did nothing here!)
Look into a topper for truck (nothing here either!)

yes, I need a vacation.

1 comment:

Emily said...

wow, you got way more done than i did and you were home less than me! my goal was to keep my kids busy so they didn't have time to fight!
looks like we are the only ones going scrapbooking at the end of the month - just us 3 anyway. that'll be my "vacation" for the year!