Thursday, November 8, 2007

Feeling achey and some more pee talk!

I'm feeling quite achey today. I would give anything to be able to lie down all day. At the moment my neck aches the most, and my back, hips, and legs all hurt too. Excellent news! I slept well last night, only woke once at 3:30 to pee! I was all smiles when I saw the time and realized that it was my first bathroom trip all night. :-)

Chris should be leaving for WI tomorrow morning. Then spending the weekend at his parents getting ready for rifle deer hunting next weekend. I have accepted the fact that I wont be hunting this season. What are the chances that I am not gonna be achey on that one day and want to sit in a stand watching for deer? Right now laying down sounds much better! Or if I am feeling good, doing something else sounds better then sitting in a tree stand getting achey and peeing every 45 minutes.

I told chris over the phone yesterday that Thanksgiving is going to be at his sister and BIL's house, Shel and Cal. He is happy about that, and so I am I. This will be thier first family holiday to host- how exciting for them! This also means we only have to travel 3 miles for Thanksgiving, and I will be 37 weeks.... so that is wonderful!

My sister, Emily is coming to spend the weekend with me. We are gonna watch Knocked Up. I heard the delivery scenes are quite graphic, hope I dont get scared!

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HappyPrego said...

lol. I saw Knocked Up when I first found out I was pregnant. It is a very funny movie, but yes, the ending is graphic. I cried when I left the theater thinking "this baby is never coming out of me."