Monday, November 19, 2007

to hope, or to hope not?

Chris's deer hunting tags are all filled! Usually he will hunt the last weekend anyway. I asked him this morning if he was still going to hunt this weekend or not. He said he would rather stay home then hunt! yay! I am so excited. He has been away the last 3 weekends, and 10 days in the month of november hunting. I am so ready for him to stay home with me.

So... do I hope we go into labor REALLY soon since we have this time off together and what better thing to be doing then bonding with baby? Or do I hope we don't go in to labor REALLY soon so we can have this great long weekend together... just the 2 of us?

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HappyPrego said...

I would say hope for one more weekend as parents to be, but I am not in your shoes yet. By 37 weeks, I may be wishing the baby out. lol Have a wonderful weekend either way!