Monday, November 19, 2007

Mom's, close your ears!

I just have to blog about pregnant sex! I envy you preggers out there that can continue to have a normal sex life. Prior to being pregnant, everyone said..... "just wait till you can have pregnant sex, it is so great"... or "she will want to do it non-stop!". Ummm, ok.

For the first 16 weeks, I had morning sickness. Between the nausea and exhaustion... there was no sex going on! Then from about week 17- 27ish..... my belly was getting bigger and Chris found that to be a big distraction. Knowing that his baby was in there freaked him out. Of course, I was scared the baby would get hurt too. Chris was petrified of getting kicked with his hand on my belly... so that freaked him too. During this last trimester- my WHOLE body hurts! I find the fat rolls on my ankles so unattractive! Simply moving is difficult enough. UGH, sex... why bother!

Now we are getting down to the last few weeks, and the thought that we cant have sex for around 6 weeks after baby comes makes us want to have sex. We will see what happens....

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Anonymous said...

oh good grief!!

From...your sister!