Friday, November 16, 2007

rifle deer season time

I shipped off Chris yet again to go hunting. This time MUCH closer then 10 hours away! He will be just 1.5 hours from me... and about 2 hours from the hospital if need be. As much as I want to go hunting, laying around sounds much better to me for the weekend.

For the first time since I went to Europe in 2000 I am not hunting. I have been going since I was somewhere between 12 or 14. Not sure the exact age, but if you ask my dad he will remember my first time hunting with him..... we just got into the tree stand, and I felt sick! Excited? nerves? Dont know, but I thought I was gonna yak! Of course I couldnt leave the tree, so I put my head down and rested for a while.

Hunting to me is time with Chris, my dad, my brothers. At hunting camp the guys do all the cooking! It is great. Hopefully the grandma's can do some baby sitting in the future so I can still do a little hunting. I hope our kids, both boys and girls, will enjoy hunting too.

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