Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Ready to meet Baby!

Now we sit and play the waiting game. When will baby come? How will it happen? I hope my water just breaks. Then there is no question I am in labor. For some reason I worry that I wont know, or wont know when to go to hospital.

I think things are progressing. Almost 4 weeks ago the baby started dropping into my pelvis. In the last couple days I have been losing parts of my mucus plug. Very gross, but still progress. The Dr. thinks baby will be here within a week, or 2 at most. So, before my EDD of Dec. 14. I don't want to put out of my mind that baby might be here later... just so I am not disapointed, or angry when baby isnt here before my EDD.

My mind is so consumed in baby this, and baby that these days.

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HappyPrego said...

Come on baby!!! I have everything crossed for you.