Monday, November 12, 2007

Double Chin!

Up until now, I did not feel fat. Basically I have gained a pound a week. So right now I am 35 weeks, and I have gained 34 pounds. Dr. says "perfect". I feel like that is a lot, but he says this is healthy and "perfect".

Ok.... Let me just chime in a funny story. For those of you that know Grandma Rose, I hope you laugh (and please dont take offense!).... this is SO grandma Rose. LOL. When I was around 27 weeks, she asked how much weight I had gained. I told her 25 lbs, my dr is happy, and I really dont see it or feel like I have gained it. She said "look a little harder in the mirror, you'll see it". That didnt shatter my bubble, I still felt good and trust my Dr. I am eating healthy and I was ok with the weight gain. Grandma has always been very weight conscience and concerned about the health of her family.

Now, I am 35.5 weeks and I feel fat. I saw a double chin this morning in the mirror! AHHH! There really is nothing I can do now but feel fat. My current weight gain is honestly ok with me, and I feel I have eaten well to ~grow my baby good~. I will still be OK if I gain another 5 lbs before the baby comes (don't tell me this 7 months ago! I was freaked about weight gain!). So, here I am with my double chin feeling like a buffalo! But I am a happy buffalo, and that is all that matters to me.


Anonymous said...

um, i just saw you 24 hours ago and you looked GREAT!! You look perfectly healthy to me! Give yourself a break! Love ya - you're beautiful!
Love from your sis!

HappyPrego said...

I have finally put on some weight and I am a happy buffalo too. 10 pounds and counting for me. I am sure you look wonderful!

Anonymous said...

If you made it to 35.5 weeks before feeling fat you are doing well. I'm sure you still look very cute. I'm only at 17 weeks and I'm ready to be done gaining weight. I cry just about everyday when I look in the mirror. Damn hormones. I might start crying just typing this. Best of luck for the next month.


Sarah said...

thanks ladies. trust me, I have come a long ways! pre=pregnancy or my earlier pg days I freaked at the thought of gaining over 35 lbs. I'm happy that I've come this far and have felt really good about myself up until now. It has been nice not to think about dieting these last 7 months. My life has been consumed with dieting!