Saturday, November 24, 2007

Black Friday Shopping

Normally on the day after Thanksgiving, I am out shopping as soon as the doors open. I have each store planned out, I run and grab what I need and get to the checkouts pretty darn fast! Then off to then next store.

Yesterday Chris took me shopping. I woke before 6 (stores open at 6! some earlier!) and he woke about 6:45. We made it to Target at 7:30 (normally I am back home from shopping at 7:30!), where the lines were SO long for checkouts that we left and did some other shoppping and came back. We were stilll able to get the stuff we wanted. We barely bought any gifts yesterday... more so stuff for us that was a great deal.

It was nice having him join me this year in the shopping... just different way of shopping. We are enjoying our 4 day weekend together. After shopping yesterday we layed around watching movies and napping! Today we are going to clean the house. Hopefully go to the grocery store too!

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Anonymous said...

we missed you as we were out shopping Friday AM but it was nice talking to you while you were trying to shag Chris out of bed to take you out!! haha

We'll be back in the game next year...right?!?