Thursday, November 1, 2007

Eeekkk, mice!

Two nights ago I was snacking at my desk at work, and a mouse strolled in front of my hands..... less then a foot away! YUCK! I was so grossed out. Previously (before my food ban took place) I would eat something, leave it on my desk to go help a customer and come back to eat it later. Wonder if I was sharing that with mice.

Now, no food in the GC is allowed! My desk has been sanitized and after about 4 pm I turn up the music and go into a very open area so I can see them coming.

I think our house in Babcock has ruined me forever. There were so many mice, and no matter what we did they kept coming in. (house was condemned after we moved it.... it was just 10-15 years old, but on a wood foundation in a swamp!) I can handle spiders and snakes... just not mice. They are so disgusting!

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Anonymous said...

ooooooooh your dizzy baby is upside down now! haha