Monday, September 17, 2007

on the same page

Chris and I had a ton of windshield time this weekend. Long story short, ~our~ grandma had a stroke friday. She was supposed to be leaving the hospital that day from open heart surgery a week before. She is doing better now. So we went to see her saturday morning, then drove over 5 hours from there to a wedding. We spent 12 hours in our truck this weekend!

So, we had plenty of talk time. We discussed what all we have going on between now and when baby comes. EVERY weekend is booked. Of course we have a ton to do before baby gets here.

I am so happy that we are on the same page about lots of things. We both agree that the nursery needs to be ready by week 34 because Chris is going to be 10 hours away hunting when we are in weeks 35/36. We want to have the bottles washed and the babies laundry done by then too. We both agreed that we need to find some time to do something fun together before he leaves for his trip. The time is getting short that we can just up and go on a casino run. We both agreed that after Thanksgiving weekend we are planning NOTHING and committing to NOTHING.

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