Tuesday, September 11, 2007

What I like about pregnancy:

My sister inspired me to make this list of what I am enjoying about pregnancy. These days I feel quite good and have lots of energy. Overall these days are good days.

My list, in no particular order:

The kindness of others.
This includes complete strangers! While at Red Lobster a few weeks ago, there was a line for the bathroom and these 3 ladies agreed to let me go ahead of them. My customers at work dont let me lift an itty bitty perennial or shrub. When I offer to help customers load thier cars, most say I should go sit down. My staff and co-workers (well, most of them) dont let me lift a thing. I get away with coming into work late and leaving early too.

Feeling the baby move.
Do I really need to say more? It is a strange senstaion yet so wonderful feeling to think there is a new life moving inside me.

The new relationship with my husband.
Our relationship has evolved. I don't know how to put words to it. We see each other as more then husband and wife, we have a different respect for each other too.

Changes in me.
I have grown so much in the last few months. My views on life and relationships with people. I am more aware of how I feel and react to things in my life as well. I like that.

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