Tuesday, September 25, 2007

No boy name's yet

The crib situation is fixed! I got the right one, and an additional 10% off. Yay! I am happy. Cant wait till it is time to set up the nursery. Just a little more work is left in the new office/craft room area.

We had yet another busy weekend. Nothing like last weekend, there was some relaxing involoved this time. I helped my mom fill out shower invitations. One more visit to my parents (for the shower) and then next time we see them the baby will be here! Makes time feel so short when you look at it that way.

Chris and I talked boy baby names for over an hour. Still no contenders. Not one.

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Sarah said...

Big thanks to my Nephew and Neices! they emailed me a list of thier favorite boy names. Why did I not think of asking them? Their list is fabulous, and way better then mine. It includes 23 of thier favorite boy names. They even included Eeyore!