Monday, September 10, 2007


4 weeks yesterday
Easter today! and we are 4 weeks 1day. :-) Yesterday I summerized myself as being a drinker (of water) a pee'er, an eater, and a sleeper. I am thirsty! hungry, and getting tired.
My nose is more sensitve too. Today I woke up, a bit scared about a miscarriage. Can we blame that on the hormones? My only reasoning, my bbs are not really tender anymore. Of course I had to reseeach, and make sure that was ok. And symptons can disapear and reapear often. I still have those slight O pains too, the corpus luteus doing its job! I think with m/c, I just have to have faith. And if it does happen, I am strong, I can deal with it. There is no reason to worry.

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