Monday, September 10, 2007


it has been a long time! it is spring, so work is crazy. And I am exhausted and still have some morning sickness.
this last week I went to the ER, for gas.... I had horrible abdominal pains, and shoulder pains. Could not get gas to pass, and it hurt more. So I called the nurse's line- she had me talk toa Dr. They said that what I was describing as pain was the same as internal bleeding from an eptopic pg. So, I went in./ They did an ultra sound, baby is in the right place. I did not get to see. So, all is ok!
Day after tomorrow is my first dr. appointment! time is moving fast I think.
I think my m/s is letting up a bit. I am not queezy over 80% of my day. I just have to be careful not to get too hungry. I am also not so damn tired either! It is all a welcome improvment!
I would have to say weeks 7/8 were my worst for m/s, with m/s starting at about 4.5 weeks. (I am 9 weeks now) I was the most tired at around 6 weeks. I got to xperience nausea, vomiting, dry heaving, even some blood vessels above my eye popped after some intense dry heaving. Horrible food adversions, that wasnt fun!
I cant wait for the day I say that I enjoy being pregnant.

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