Friday, September 14, 2007


Chris and I are not finding out the sex of the baby before he/she arrives. There are so few surprises in life, and this one I cant cheat.

When I was a teen, and maybe younger; my sister and I had a tradition. Just before Christmas my parents had a party for thier business and they stayed out late. Sis and I figured out where the x-mas presents were hid, and the ~code~ system on who's gifts were who's. They were already wrapped. So each year for many years we would look forward to mom and dad being away till the early morning hours so we could carefully peel the tape back and see what we were getting for christmas.

I still cant stand to not know what I am getting for christmas from my husband. I may be guilty of snopping into the gifts from him too.

With this ~gift~ there is no snooping. The anticipation is insane. For months I thought "girl, has to be a girl". lately I think "but it could be a boy" and I am not sure so afterall. I think Chris's intuition says "girl" too.

Chris's sister, who recently found out she is prenant and due in april, thinks that we found out the sex and are just not telling anyone. Haha, haha, haha. She is pretty darn sure of herself. Couple points: IMO, the reason for finding out the sex is to paint the nursery pink or blue (not nuetral!) buy pink or blue outfits (not nuetral!) and refer to the baby as he or she (not it!). If we did find out the sex, we would have choosen a final name by now and would be calling the baby by name too. Besides.... I could NEVER keep this sort of secret! That would be torture I would never submit myself too.

Believe me, it was hard as a teen not to say "Mom, you gotta hide our presents better! Sis and I have been opening them every year for the last 6 years before christmas and rewrapping them. It was her idea! I was just the lookout."

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Kat said...

I saw your blog on WebMD and I thought I would come over and see it! No one ever comments on my page and I hate it so I just HAD to comment on yours! I think it's GREAT that you aren't finding out the sex. I didn't want to, but DH hates surprises and had to know what it was! Maybe with the next one I will win. I am secretly hoping that the doc was wrong this whole time, just to have one little surprise at the end!