Monday, September 10, 2007


to not do it
I did not buy any OPK's last night. I have a good mindset right now, and am enjoying the TTC process. So, i decided against it.
Regardless, we would do the exact same thing this month whether or not we OPK. So, we might as well enjoy it and just let things happen!


In a perfectly planned world
My pregnancy would happen like this:
I would be due in December, and be able to take my time off paid, and have no worries about work. I say this because my job is seasonal, I get lots of paid time off in the winter. And in the spring summer and fall my plate is full!
Knowing what I know now- in my 4th C of TTC. Miscarriges happen often, and I am happy we did not wait until late winter thinking getting prego would be a breeze. However, I thought we would be KU by now. If we do get KU this month- we would be due in Sept. so.. March would be the month to get KU and be due in Dec. Which is going to be more difficult considering I work more hours.....
So, what I am thinking, is I have faith that God will lead us and let things happen as they will. So, the world isnt perfectly planned according to how I want things to be. Which is OK!

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