Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"that means I am sleeping"

Chris almost got launched out of bed! I shook him and told him he was snoring, he said to me in an angry tone "that means I am sleeping". then he had the nerve to say that he was loosing sleep from my getting in and out of bed so much! ASSHOLE! I havent slept well in days. I dont know what the deal is, but Brayden has been waking every 2-3 hours. And he has been ready to rock and roll at 4am. I would have prefered him to say "allow me to get up and take care of the baby".

He has it GOOD! and I dont know how this happened or why this is the arrangement (that I am the only one to wake with Brayden all night everynight). But I am thinking daddy is gonna get a lesson in how to handle brayden at night, and he's gonna have to take his turn. This momma NEEDS to sleep!

LOL.... this morning.... Chris was fooling with me, and I told him it was in his best interest to not even look at me and just leave. Then I proceded to tell Chris that I hate him, the dog that I hate him, and I even told Brayden I really didnt like him right now either. After a couple hours all was better and I like those 3 boys again. ;-)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for making my day. I will continue to laugh for hours just thinking about you and Chris; and I will be sure to show Robert your post. Too funny.