Friday, April 4, 2008

dont know how I am gonna do this.

I have not showered since tuesday. I ate a left over chicken breast and m&m's for dinner at 8:30 last night. My teeth didnt get brushed last night. My hair is always in a pony tail, and there is no make up on me EVER! I am so tired I cant do basic math. I have to leave myself notes like "told dana I would take lunch at 11 today". and I have only been at work monday, thursday and today. As soon as this weather breaks I will be at work way more! I dont know how I am gonna do it.

Brayden and I are both going to the dr. today. I have a mega sore throat still. i think he does too. So, I really hope we all feel better soon. Next week I work 5, 10 hour days. Then after next week (if the weather breaks) I add an 8 hour day to that. I hope that with in this sort of chaos.

Last night I was supposed to work till 6. Aunt RoHo and Uncle CalHo were supposed to watch brayden till I got home around 7. Chris was gonna drop him off around 5:45 because he had a meeting last night. Well, at 5 chris called me FREAKING out. he said Brady was just freaking and would not eat- I had to come home right now. Said he had to go, I told him to call shel and ask her to come help, and he hung up! So I frantically left work in a panic. Called on my way (10 minutes later) and Shel was there- she said it was all under control. for some reason he would not drink the breastmilk.... too cold? too warm? sour? tasted funny? reminded him of his mom and wanted her not the bottle? we dont know why. But he took a bottle of formula instead. When I arrive home at 6, all was peaceful. Shel and Cal didnt have to watch him anymore. He wanted to nurse, and leisurely did so till 8:30! Then I finally ate the fastest thing I could and crashed. We woke 4 times last night to feed every 2 hours. I was 30 minutes late for work today.

Daddy and I are gonna chat about calling me like that and leaving me hanging! Inconsiderate!

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