Thursday, April 24, 2008

make room for Brayden!

One of my goals for my day off yesterday was to make my living/dining room area feel less crowded and make it more livable. Since Baby B entered our lives, our house has gotten quite small! Our living room has his swing, boucy seat and excersaucer taking up space. And the island now has his high chair. Each of those items are used almost daily, and he loves them all. It made no sence to haul that stuff around each day- we want it quickly accesible. So I rearrange the room. Function before fashion! The couch got moved to an outer wall- you can barely see the tv, but we really dont sit and hang in this living room anyway. This room is where we hang with Baby B and let him play while we cook/clean.... if we want to lounge around we go to the downstairs living room. With the couch moved- the area rug is much more open, giving Brayden more room to roll and scooch around. I feel better with it being more wide open.

Tuesday night we had our best night yet! Brayden slept from 10-5! Brayden ate a ton that day too. I fed him twice before daycare. At daycare he ate 32ounces! (normal is 24!) and Chris fed him twice that night- one bottle was 8 ounces! I fed him at bed time too. Dad and I refer to him as "the tank".

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