Monday, April 7, 2008

lost my voice

figures! I have to give a speech tonight to about 200 ppl and I barely have a voice. I have been resting my voice all day, and I think it is better. I am ready for this sickness to go away already!

So Chris and I chatted a bit on our drive this weekend. That went well. And I found him dealing with Brayden instead of handing him off to me when fussy. He asked me what to do, and I suggested things and he tried them out. I was impressed because I didnt even tell him he should do this! So, I think the boys will be ok.

Grandpa's funeral was nice. The 10 grandkids all got up to share a memory. There were trucking stories, fishing stories, butchering chickes, picking mushrooms (that was mine!), bad shooting stories, and the indian under the rock story. Grandma seemed to be having a nice day. She held Brayden with my help, and I think she knew just who we were! She didnt want to give him up either. Just a few years ago, she was babysitting my sister's kids.

My nephew Jason had his first communion yesterday. We enjoyed the party and spending more time with him and his sisters.

I best go practice my presentation silently.

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