Thursday, April 10, 2008

spring? where are you?

it is snowing right now! We have only had 2 decent days so far this "spring". when the weather does break, it is gonna be scary busy at work!

We had our first occurance with Oliver (dog) and Brayden. Brayden was in his papasan chair and Oliver came in for a sniff. Brayden got a handfull of hair and the dog walked away. So, Oliver yelped and brayden was left with a handful of orange hair.

I talked with the LC yesterday about my increasing work load and breastfeeding. I think I have a plan. We'll try it anyway. I will feed him when home, and pump just once at work (pumping more then once a day will be too hard on me! and that one pumping FORCES me to take a much needed break in my busy day). What I get, I get. We will use our massive freezer stash if we are short some milk each day. My hours decrease in early June, that is about when he will start solids so naturally he would be requiring less milk then anyway. So we will see if this works for us. The big thing here, is it is important to me to BF while home, and I think if I quit bf'ing I will be busier at work and less attached to Brayden. This forces that down time and conection between us.

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