Friday, April 18, 2008

upcoming weekend

This weekend Chris is taking Brayden to his parents. He is turkey hunting. I have to work some long days, and I am staying home. My first nights away from my little man. Dad will do just fine. It will be an experience for him! It has been ages since he has gotten up at night- he only got up a little in the first couple weeks when my PPD was at it's worse. Since then he hasn't ever gotten up. The last few nights he has heard Brayden waking at crying for his 1am feeding. Good sign, dad is actually hearing the little guy wake!

I packed up a ton of frozen milk for the weekend. Dont really know how much he is gonna eat- so we packd 124 ounces! I'll be the pumping queen this weekend- that part isnt going to be fun. I find pumping to be boring and the undesirable part to breastfeeding. Besides the closeness of bfing.... I hate to say my favorite aspect of bfing is there are no bottles to wash! I also like that I dont have to hold anything- I bottle fed him one night when I walked in the door so dad could do dinner..... that was so boring sitting there holding a bottle! My arm hurt! I can even sleep a bit while bfing- that was my saving grace in those first few weeks.

My gang is feeling better too. I am much better, Chris's cough is going away, and so is Brayden's. He has a goopy eye though, dr. said a clogged tear duct. So, that is nothing to fret about. The nights are getting back to normal in our house now. I am hoping to move back into the bedroom with Chris too! When he starting his hacking cough I moved into the spare room. We have been coughing and ill for over a month now. So long it feels weird going into his bed!

As much as I dont want my boys to leave me for the weekend- I am looking forward to that time alone. Maybe I won't be running around like a chicken this weekend! That will be a fabulous change.

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The Ratcliff's said...

you are not going to know what to do with yourself with all this uninterrupted sleep coming your way. and peace and quiet? wow thats a thing of the past!!