Wednesday, April 16, 2008

already a tv junkie!

I cnat believe how much brayden likes to watch cartoons! We havent really done anything to encourage this- but we noticed long ago that the tv always caught his attention. Now we will put cartoons on for him and just laugh at him! He is so delighted to be watching, or listening. I dont know what it is... but it is kid programs in specific... oh! and american idol too! He kicks his chunkly little legs, squels, and flaps his arms around.

I am back to work today after 5 days out! Crazy. Dont tell Chris or my mom this... but I am glad I didnt push it and come in yesterday. (they planned behind my back! hide my car keys... I'll show you!). I really did need that one more day to get my fever down and rest because today I never stopped and rested once from 9-2 (my lunch!). So now that I am on lunch I am pooped. It's finally nice out, so we are setting the garden center up.

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