Monday, April 28, 2008

His poor eyes!

They got ~burnt out~ this weekend! Early Saturday morning, Danielle watched Brayden. She is 16, and is one of our daycare teachers daughters. She LOVES Brayden, she is so 16, but a great sitter! I didnt have time to change him out of his pj's- so I tossed 4 outfits in the bag, hoping Danielle wouldn't mind picking one and dressing him. (dad was gone for the weekend, I worked) Her mom told me today that she loved choosing his outfit, and took a ton of pictures of him. LOL.

Then Aunt Rochelle picked him up. I thought 12 hours for a 16 year old would be too long of a day. As usual, Aunty RoHo burnt his eyes out too with pictures. He is luckly to be so loved by his Aunt Shel and Uncle Cal, and to have them just a couple miles down the road is a blessing!

BTW, this ~burning his eyes out~ phrase was created by Chris. He was honestly concerned one night when Aunt RoHo was taking so many pictures. LOL.

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