Sunday, April 20, 2008

spring is here!

yay for the weather changing! it's about time! woohoo! Now there is so much work to do in such little time (at work) to get things ready before the customers come. I have a great staff this season- so hopefully that will make up for me not working over 60/week. We just gotta work our bums off while here!

My boys come home tonight! It was a nice weekend without them, but it went by fast. I didnt accomplish nearly what I wanted to, because there just wasnt enough spare time with working so many hours. But still got the laundry folded (Chris LOVES to wash and dry it, then put it in baskets right next to my side of the bed where I will for sure see it and fold it), there was a mountain of it! Thank god we both work blue collar outdoors, we can get away with a couple wrinkles! Did some grocery shopping. Cooked up some pork loins that were just to tough to do anything else with.... so slow cooked them over night and shredded them. yum!!! Sure feels like I spent a ton of time hooked up to my pump though! Down fall of baby being away from me.

Lunch is over- back to work for me!

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