Sunday, April 27, 2008

big poop stain!

15 minutes before walking out the door to go to work today- Brady treated me to a BIG poop mess! Up the front, the back and out the sides! And he is in #3 diapers- at the low end for weight so they are big on him. I contemplated cutting the onsie off him.... but instead tossed him into the bathtub right away for a good scrubbing. there was poop everywhere!

I didnt have the time to clean up the crib sheets- so that will be a little surprise for Dad to come home too. ;-) When Baby B was just born he pooped almost constantly. Now.... he poops less then once a day and it is an explosion! Supposedly by pooping less often, means the digestive system is learning how to operate.

I have to share one more thing I learned while searching for some info. I was searching for ~why~ BF babies have a reduced chance of SIDS, just for curiosity reasons. I love to learn. One reason is because they get more skin to skin contact and close/cuddle time. Makes sense. The other was...... because they wake more often at night!!!! LOL. (why do I find this humorous? because I am overtired? I find that I crack myself up at myself a lot lately! LOL some more!) Babies quickly and easily digest BM, so they need to eat more often. formula fed babies are not able to digest the formula so easily, and it sits in thier stomach longer so that is why they sleep longer stretches then bf babies.

The more I learn, the more it seems that you can barely compare BF babies to FF babies. sleep patterns.... eating patterns.... eye sight development....

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