Sunday, April 13, 2008

our update

What a weekend! Friday afternoon we took Brayden the the pedi. He too had a fever. He has an ear infection too, and his throat looks pretty bad. So he is on an antibiotic for ear, throat and eye too! One covers them all- his eye was looking goopy again.

I have had a fever all weekend. Saturday I felt worse then friday, and today I feel worse then today. I went to urgent care. Didnt learn anything new, but they gave me an antibiotic shot. She said my ear is looking good, and my throat is looking horrible and pussy. Lovely, isnt it? Last night my fever was 102.9! I was miserable! Really- the fever is what is causing me not to function and feel weak. I can deal with my ear and throat. Today is my 3rd day of missed work! I am doubtful I will make it tomorrow.

I asked this dr too (asked Dr. Tang friday) what is the best thing for Brayden to be eating. Breastmilk, frozen breastmilk, or formula. Both the Dr.'s said that the fresh BM is the best for him still- even with me on antibiotics, with a fever, strep, and an ear infection (antibiotics are safe for him). He is getting so many antibodies from my milk and me being sick. So that is reassuring. The pedi on friday said that out of the whole family, Brayden looked the healthiest! That made dad and I feel good. He has been such a trooper. I noticed pumping today that I wasnt getting what I usually get- it would be enough to feed him. But my throat hurts so bad I can hardly eat or drink still. So, I have to just keep pounding the liquids.

Dad seems to think he is feeling sicker this weekend. LOL. I have been joking with him today, that with me "down" and sick that I have been hearing more complaints from him. He has been joking about me saying that..... but he is complaining less about his cough. He is stepping up nicely too. When my fever is high I feel too weak and dont want to walk around with Brayden. So dad has been taking care of Brayden mostly, and brings him to me for the feedings. He is making me jello, soup, and grilled cheese sandwiches! He keeps my water filled too. I think he knows it is hard for me to eat and drink, so he is helping me that way. I'm really happy that he is being so helpful and letting me rest. Yes, he has a cough- but that is it. (he is calling his dr. tomorrow!) So, he should be able to help us out. Besides, he is the pro with the boogie sucker!

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