Wednesday, April 2, 2008

house of sickies

this is getting rediculous! Chris is at the dr. right now... he has been sick for probaly 6 weeks now. I feel like crap- very sore throat and a mega achey neck. I took smiley to daycare, they missed him in the last 24 hours. I hope to rest and get some work done today. He isnt looking so rough anymore. The snotty nose, and goopy eyes were not pretty- but he still managed a few smiles. His eyes have really cleared up nicely, and he isnt so snotty. He is launching spit up, he does this when he gets a snotty nose... you can see the mucus in the spit up.

This has been a crabby house too- so I am ready for it to be over with! When momma is sick, she still has to pull her weight- up at night and early with the baby, lunches packed, and dishes done... when daddy is sick, well you know the rest. ;-)

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