Friday, April 11, 2008


yes, that is a cus! I am done with being sick. All the sudden last night I got really hot. So I took my temp, and it was 100.4 degrees. I had just taken 3 advil a couple hours before for my mega sore throat. Yesterday my throat was so sore that I could barely eat or drink. So, I didnt want to take Tylonol. Later in the night I got up to feed Brayden, I was soaking from sweating, took tylonol and that lowered my fever.

I stayed home for work and made a dr. appointment. VENT TIME! Just last week I saw Dr. K, with Brayden and he said "just looks like 2 irritated throats, tylonol for brayden and 3 advil for mom". No culture was taken.... and he kind of, in a round about way lectured me for bringing Brady in 3 times in a week. He knew I was nursing because we were doing so in his office. So, today I saw Dr. Tang, who I really like. I have strep throat and an ear infection. He said to avoid the Advil while nursing. Nice, I have been taking 3 of them occassionally.... well often! in the last week. To top it all off, I have probably been spreading strep throat around the state of WI for the past 2 weeks.

Good news, is that infants very rarely get strep, so the LO should avoid it. Chris is just finishing up his round of antibiotics for somehting else, so he is in the clear too.

I am going back to sleep.

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