Monday, April 28, 2008

a day in the life...

of a FTplus working mom with a 4 month old:

5:30am: start my day to the alarm clock, and hope baby sleeps just a little bit more! My first thought of the day is "it will all be ok after a cup of coffee".

5:30-7:45: rush around the house like a crazy person making lunches (breakfast and many snacks get packed for me!), getting myself ready (showering on a good day!), waking Chris and shoving him out the door, find a few minutes to fold some laundry, play just a little with my smiley man, feed him and pump milk at the same time. Pack stuff for daycare.

7:45- get out the door and take Brayden to day care!

9am: arrive to work, and work all day! pumping more milk on my lunch.
7:15: leave work!

8pm: arrive home!

8-10:00: if I am lucky dinner is ready.... if not I eat cereal. Wash pumping supplies and bottles, and dishes too. Throw in some laundry. Brayden usually vvveeerrrryyy slowly nurses in the evening while I pump the other side.

10ish- go to sleep!

The nights vary greatly..... a good night I get a 4plus hour stretch somewhere in there, and he only wakes once. A bad night is anything else. (dad has not woken with him in an eternity, he rarely even hears us) I dont get nearly enought sleep!

This is what happens every day but wednesdays. And sundays I only work a 8 hour day, so things are a bit more laid back.

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