Tuesday, April 1, 2008

fine last night, and pink eye today!

Dr. C is thinking that I just want to see him more then once a week! Nice guy and all, but a little too old for me. ;-) Brady was absolutly fine last night, his eyes were a little pink but we thought he was just very tired. Woke up this morning and they were crusted shut! I feel bad.... at 2am when he woke to eat- I changed his diaper and fed him in the dark. At 5am when he woke to eat again, his eye was crusty. I cleaned it up, fed him and put him back to sleep. I woke him at 6:45 to change his clothes and take him to daycare- and his eye was mega crusted shut!

So, we got to the dr. by 8:45, and got meds in his eye by 9:30. We are home, and I have work to do! He can go to daycare after 9:30 tomorrow.

Childhood germs- gotta love them. AFter today, dad is gonna have to take a sick day and stay home with him when something like this comes up again. I got lucky, that the weather is bad.... the garden center opened today- but I am thinking we wont be flooded with customers- so I could stay home today. Next 2 months, dad will have to!

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The Ratcliff's said...

ur poor little guy!! hope the pink eye goes away soon. thats no fun!