Thursday, May 1, 2008

thriving 4mo

Brayden had his 4 month pedi appointment yesterday. He is 16lbs, 14 oz, and 25" long. 95th percentile for both! Dr. said he is very healthy, and looks quite active. All good news to report.

I have been joking lately that it is a good thing he spits up so much, or else he would be a 25lb 4mo!

I have finally convinced Chris that we NEED to hire someone to clean for us. I just get one day a week off... and yesterday was spent doing laundry, playing with Brayden and napping for 2 hours (I am damn tired!!!!) with Brayden, oh his dr. appointment too. I prefer to use the limited time I have at home with my cutie pie instead of frantically cleaning. If I didnt work 55-60 hours a week, things would be different. In the meantime- this is worth it to me! And we both feel great about who will be doing the cleaning.

Brayden is trying out a new bottle today. With things so unclear about BPA, and bottles are cheap enough, we are thinking of making the switch. We researched it when we bought our BPA containing bottles, and at that time it seemed like it only leaches when micro'ed in or frozen in. So we freeze in glass, and never micro. Now there could be more to it. Guess it comes down to spending a few more $$$ and getting a safer bottle is just worth it even if we dont quite know the dangers. I hope we find a good replacement bottle easily!

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The Ratcliff's said...

how did the shots go? i think its easier the 2nd time around.

i recently switched to glass bottles by evenflo until avent comes out with bpa free bottles. i didnt think i was really concered b/c i didnt act on it when all this stuff came out, but now id rather be safe than sorry.