Monday, May 5, 2008

The boys are bonding!

Chris has daddy daycare on the weekends for awhile while I work, saturdays I leave at 7 and get home between 6 and 7. Sundays are nice, I leave at 9 and get home between 5 and 6.

This last weekend the boys had lots of fun- a bath, rolling over, giggles, some hair pulling, even a visit to me at work! Brady was decked out in dad's favorite outfits. The camo one, and the one with the dozer.

I was thrilled last night to hear him say that he had such a good weekend with Brady that thinks it will be hard to go away for a weekend without him. That is so great to hear he feels that way. But I feel the same way too! I dont like him taking brady away each weekend and leaving me home alone! At least we both feel the same way, so we will be able to work this out.

Chris talked me into trying solids this weekend. Brayden got some rice cereal saturday and sunday. I was opposed (for reason I won't go into!), but not that opposed where I fought him on it. Brayden loved it. The cereal was quite runny, so it was more like a slightly thicker BM on a spoon.

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