Thursday, May 15, 2008

I am getting burnt out on customers! This happens in the spring each year I hate to say. Lately I am sick of the ~pointers~ as I have named them. They are the ones that require a ton of your time pointing to a plant asking what that is... while I point the the 7x11 sign that says what it is. Then they ask how big does it get, and I again point to the sign and say how big it gets. Then they ask how much, and I point to the price and tell them. And we walk around this big chunk of property pointing along for 30 minutes.

I had my first issue to deal with today. Luckily I get just 1-2 a year. This one was a very much "he said she said" and it dates back to a year ago. I wont bore you with the details, but trust me- in customer service it pays not to get nasty as the person trying to help you will help you better if you are nice!

My day off yesterday was fabulous! I slept in, got to talk to 2 friends I havent chatted with for awhile. Chatted with my grandma too. Baked coffee cake and cookies. enjoyed my clean house! Spent the whole day with my family (chris too!). Cleaned up my flower beds and topdressed them with mulch. Helped Chris's sister and hubby cut down trees and clean up the mess. Then enjoyed visiting with them just a little. Brayden was adorable too, as usual.

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