Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day!

happy mom's day to all the mommy's out there!

Our's has been postponed for a few weeks until I can actually enjoy the day. Maybe July we will recognize it and do something special. :-) I would just love a whole day off with my family.

I did have a nice moment with Brady this morning before I had to leave for work. He woke up at 4:30 hungry, and I was tired, but needed to wake in a couple hours (he is the pokey-est eater when he nurses! but he chugs the bottle) so we side-laid and nursed that way while I rested. Once he was done I moved a bit away from him so I wouldnt smother him and let him sleep. I drifted in and out of sleep, and noticed that be had snuggled up to me. so I moved him away from me, and he kept snuggling up to me. It was so sweet, so I stayed awake and snuggled with him. Sort of my little mothers day gift- snuggles! When daddy woke up, he came into the spare bedroom and snuggled with us a bit too.

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