Saturday, May 24, 2008

cute letter from brayden

My boys are at my parents this weekend, so grandma and Brayden emailed me this letter.

Hi! Mom!

"Here I am relaxing at Grandma and Grandpa's -
So far today I found a new friend - Grandpa - he is fun to watch. I have alot of fun with him. He lets me sit on the table and bounce FUN :) Only when Grandma's not looking.
I filled my diaper FULL for Grandma right after Dad went to Uncle Craig's - up my back to my arm pits. P U ! stinky too! :) I needed to change my clothes anyways - couldn't wear the same stuff all morning - could I?
I chewed my socks and they are really wet - Grandma took them off and I have bare feet now - so I can chew on my toes easier.
I rolled across the room and got stuck under my swing - so I fixed it from the bottom side and then I yelled for help getting out. There is alot more to look at and get into -
I like the big trees outside - not sure how to get them into the house yet - but give me time.
This afternoon I will go to my cousins house - Taylor wants to babysit me.... .. .. .. . . I hope her Mom helps her. She will be surprised how much I grew and all that I can do.
I need to take a nap - I think the afternoon will be busy. Hope you are enjoying your time alone - see you soon!
Brayden :)

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