Friday, May 9, 2008

poor pooh!

On wednesday Brayden and I ran some errands. He loves to go with me to see the bright lights and new scenery of the stores. He enjoys screaming at the quiet library too! Luckily he is cute and can get away with it! We had a good time running around town making multiple stops.

Grandma Bev gave brayden a toy that hangs from his car seat and he loves playing with it! it velcros onto the handle, and there are (were) 3 things hanging from it. Pooh with a ring, and 2 bees with rings. He is so strong and distructive these days. When we got home..... all we had left was a bee!!!! Some where in a store or the library are the reminints of this toy and his paci.

We hung 2 differnt toys on his car seat. A horse that he pulls on and it vibrates and jingles. And a colorful horse (or giraffe?). We attached the bee that lost his friends to one of the horses too.

Tomorrow the boys are going to visit Chris's parents. Sunday they will probably be home while I work. Mother's day has been postponed till July in our house! Till I get a day off, in a week that I work 40 hours! I cant wait!!!

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