Saturday, October 6, 2007

we're nesting

I knew I was in for a day of cleaning when I kept having these dreams last night of cleaning. I woke at 7, eyes barely open and I started cleaning. About 2 hours later, Chris woke, and joined me in the fun. We got the master bedroom and the 2 bathrooms ~super~ cleaned. Top to Botton, it so shines! Chris did things like the light fixtures and fan blades, moving the furniture too, he did the bulk of the vacuming too. I washed the walls (yes, ~super~ cleaned) the woodwork, the screens, and the windows. In the bathrooms all the drawers got cleaned out and reorganized. I saved some room for new baby stuff too in one of the bathrooms!

We really need to get the office done by next weekend. Including totally moved into. That leaves us just 2 weeks till our deadline to have the nursery done. In those last 2 weeks we dont have any completely open days. So time is getting short.

I got a prenatal massage yesterday, and a pedicure. It was all so fabulous! Big thanks to the parent's (including inlaws) for the birthday money, because I would never spend my own money on something like that. Chris is happy because he doesnt have to cut my toe nails for a couple weeks.

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HappyPrego said...

I am glad to see that you went for your massage and pedicure. Every girl deserves to spoil herself once in awhile.