Monday, October 15, 2007

Office is FINISHED!

Chris and I worked our butts off this weekend! It was all worth it. As of 8pm last night the office is finished and even cleaned ready to move into. (my goal was to have it moved into this weekend.... but some things did not go as smoothly as planned). The bar/living room area is also cleaned. It was so dusty from the project. There was some slop trim-work done be one of the previous owners, so we even cleaned that up.

Our house now feels complete. A true 3 bedroom home. And the office is so big that as we have more kids it can become a spare bedroom for guests. We still have enough storage area in the basement too.

So...... next we move the office stuff out of the future nursery. Set up the new office/craft room. Then we start on the nursery! As for other house stuff to do before baby gets here, the laundry room needs a cleaning, and so does the spare bedroom. The whole house will then be spik and span!

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