Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Dog Puke Tuesday

Good morning Sarah! We got the office emptied last night. So the nursery is ready to be started. I woke up, smiling and walked into the empty nursery just to see it ready to be started. There were 3 piles of dog puke on the carpet. It was 5 stinkin 30. They were pretty dried, so I knew it would take a long time to clean. I had to choose, shower or puke. I cleaned up puke for an hour and 15 minutes! I got the stains out, and my finger tips hurt. Then had just 20 minutes to get me ready for work.

Oliver has been off the last few days. He isnt quite right. The puke confirmed our thoughts.

I had another ultra sound yesterday to check out the size of the baby. The baby is about 1 week big. 4.5 lbs already! The heart beat varied too, which is completely normal, it varies with activity. Honestly, this u/s hurt. She had to get up under my rubs (literally) to get some measurements. OUCH! My belly buttom is purple too. It hurt to lay on my back on that bed.... err board... and I kept feeling like I was gonna pass out. (artery compressed from baby) The images were not as clear as the first u/s either, because the baby was so much bigger. I did get a couple cool 3d/4d images though, and the baby is way cute. I saw fat rolls, and hair! Cute pudgy lips. I could not watch half of it either, each time she went below the belly button of the baby I had to look away. I could not find out if it was a boy or a girl without Chris there!
My new Dr. is ok. Only talked to him for a few minutes. Only really told me what I asked of him. The due date will stay the same, but they will keep monitoring the baby size and make sure he/she does not get too big.

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