Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The nursery has been started!

I got home from work last night and found Chris in the new nursery setting up the crib! We just emptied it the night before! In my mind we would shampoo the carpets, paint, then probably shampoo the carpets one more time. Then set up the crib. He said he really wanted to set it up, so that is fine with me. The big turd enjoyed a few brandy old fashion sweet's while assembling it as well. The crib is really nice, it will be perfect! It assembled rather easily too.

The room looks so small now, or the crib looks so big? I choose the paint color, and that will be our next step. We are thinking a light beige for the walls. A sage valance, and maybe a sage crib skirt (this is still in the works!). Then I hope to paint some very simple branches with leaves on the walls too. I have some small box like shelves that will get hung on the walls too. And then hopefully we can do some accesories for our safari theme.

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