Sunday, October 21, 2007

Some things in life......

Yesterday started out so nicely. Chris and I had childbirth education class. We learned some, but it was pretty basic. It was worth going to, except that it was the most beautiful fall day outside that we were missing out on. After the class we went to Target and picked out a baby boy and a baby girl sleeper for bringing baby home in (we want to dress our baby in pink or blue, not neutral!). That was easy. The boy sleeper is green and blue with a bulldozer and a dumptruck on it. Very appropriate for the baby! And the girl sleeper is pink with flowers on it, yet again... approroptiate. We bought them in newborn size (5-8lb), but we are going to take a nuetral outfit in 0-3 months along too just in case this little one is big. We also go a laundry basket, and valance for the baby room.

Then we stopped to buy paint, that too was nice and easy. We got the paint home, and when chris opened the truck door the paint fell out and the whole gallon splattered in the garage. I am not going to even re-live the next 2 hours..... too tramatizing.... it was all bad and absolutly smashed our moods. We then took another hour or 2 away from each other to cool off, then decided .... yay, this sucks.... lets go buy another gallon of paint.

We are over it! I got up early today and started painting. I hope to get a lot done before Daddy even wakes up.

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Anonymous said...

really there is a "newborn size (5-8 lbs)"? I haven't seen those yet but then I haven't bought newborn in quite a while! lol I'm thinking you are going to be using the 0-3 month - just thinking you are going to have a big baby! :)

Hope the painting goes better today. I have the girls room only 1/2 done and I think I am going to need to go get some new paint pads b/c the roller I am using is giving me blisters! haha I'm such a baby!

Have a good day!