Friday, October 12, 2007

Ouch, watch where you kick me please!

I do love feeling our baby move in me. It is awesome. Today the kicks are blows to the ribs, and they dont tickle. The dont hurt either. They smart. I cant believe I am 31 weeks, and this baby is up to my ribs already. I thought that would be at the VERY end that I would get to experience this feeling.

The achey days are out numbering the comfortable days. My clothes tick me off. My undies bunch, my bra digs, my pants annoy me, the shoes and sucks hurt to put on, and my shirts barely cover my belly. (these are not complaints, they are merely factual statements)

This week has been a long on for me. Next week will be too. At work, the landscape crews are behind, so my assistant is out helping them. I am covering the shop my myself. I work 7:45-6:15 with no official breaks. Yes, I eat and sit down when I can. But I am not getting my lunch time naps!! I am drained when I get home from work, and I want to be doing dishes and laundry. This week it has piled up, and it is saved for the weekend. Next week I have made arrangements to get my lunch breaks covered so I can resume my lunch time naps.

Monday is our ultra sound to see what size baby is baking. Due to me measuring 3 weeks big at my last appointment, my Dr. ordered an u/s. I cant wait to peak in at the baby again.

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Anonymous said...

just wait - there is more of this to come.....we could tell you but we won't....
Love from
the office at Antczak Const