Friday, October 26, 2007


Can I complain a little? I dont want to complain alot, I like to say "you cant complain until you try to fix it". But I feel backed into a corner too.

As of today, I am 49 days till my EDD! wow! I have been working some long ass days. 7:45-6:15, and often no lunch. I totally understand, the landscape crews are behind- everyone able is out working on the crews. So that leaves me to cover the garden center alone. For the past couple weeks I have been managing to keep my hours right around 45/week by working shorter days when someone else is here, and then the 10.5 hour days when I am alone. Next week it looks like I am working 52.5 hours with no lunches. UGH! That is just too freaking hard.

I feel backed into the corner, because I know the crews need help getting work done. And the Garden Center is slow. Literally- everyone but me and the receptionist will be in the job sites.

That's my complaint. Needing to work over 50hours a week and being 8 months pregnant. Can I add that the bathroom is over 200 yards away and it takes me an eternity to get there? I dont get to take my shoes off either, as soon as I do a customer shows. OK! enough complaining.

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